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Storm Jobs Sales

PLEASE make sure to get all of the information below to ensure we are reimbursed on all completed jobs. This information is available in printed packets (see John or AJ) or online on this website.

Please call Sonya with any questions. 757-870-3106.  Thank you!

1) Terms and Conditions Waiver

2) Authorization for Direct Pay.

3) Sign Estimate or Proposal form. (Joist)

ALWAYS make sure to get:

  • customer name

  • phone number

  • full address

  • EMAIL address

  • Include line item for removal if trees from actual structures.

  • Line item for removal of debris (Insurance usually pays up to $500.00)

  • Line item for removal of stump (if necessary.) - This is usually not covered by insurance. Other items not usually covered by insurance include hangers, hazard trees, and tree debris that has not hit anything manmade. 

  • Line item for tarping.

  • Number of men need for the job and how many hours the job will require(d).

  • List oof any heavy equipment required for the removal.

4. Pictures:

  • Picture of front of house

  • At least 4 pictures of damage.  If possible, make sure pictures highlight the complexity of any job.

5) Certificate of Satisfaction

  • Have homeowner complete and sign the Certificate of Satisfaction.

Flood zone map.png

NC Flood Zone Map

Median Income Map.png

NC Median Income Map

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