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HOA and Property Management

FREE Winter Tree Health and Risk Assessment



An ounce of prevention…


This winter our professional assessment team is available to evaluate your trees and shrubs for damage from past storms and create a care plan with recommendations tailored specifically to your property’s needs. Our assessment team has more than 15 years professional experience in residential and commercial tree care and property management.


Are you an HOA representative or property manager and responsible for the maintenance of trees and shrubs in common areas?  Let us help you enhance the health, beauty and property value of your communities with a free tree health and risk assessment. This is a great opportunity to address any ongoing tree care concerns. According to Wes Kocher, a spokesman for the International Society of Arboriculture, "Homes with mature trees and well-landscaped yards can sell for as much as 20% over homes without those features." To read the full article click here.


Because trees do not have their foliage during the winter, this is an ideal time to evaluate tree health and structure and address any remnants of past storm damage. 


Remember, healthy trees live longer and fare better in severe weather!




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